Saturday, December 09, 2006

New Knitty! More Presents!


The new Knitty came out today, and I totally fell in love with Argosy. I neeeeeeed to knit this. I have some Noro Silk Garden Lite that is burning a hole in my stash (thank goodness not literally) that I can use. I thought I was going knit the infamous Clapotis, but I think I am coming to realize that I just don't like the Clapotis even though everyone in the world has knit one. At the same time, I am a little hesitant to start on Argosy. I like scarves. I like how scarves look. I like wearing scarves that I knit. The problem I have is once I am halfway done, I get horribly bored and put the poor half-knitted scarf away. Branching Out and my corkscrew scarves are testaments to this fact. I am going to have to stare at Argosy some more and think about whether I can make a commitment to her or not. ::sigh:: Why didn't I like any of the hats in Knitty?

So I finally realized today that if I want to give everyone their holiday present, I am going to have to finish SEVEN more MD washcloths and weave in the ends of EIGHTEEN washcloths by Monday. Okay, I just need three more by Monday and fourteen washcloths' ends weaved in and four totally complete washcloths by Thursday. I am more than happy to knit the washcloths, I am just not too keen on spending a couple of hours weaving in ends. Do you think I can get away with saying that it is an artistic element? I didn't think so.

To bed I go!


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  1. Let me tell you about the USPS flat rate Priority Mail box - ask behind the counter - and then you can send stuff Priorty cheaper than ground. It's a good deal, and gives you more time for knitting before Christmas!