Monday, November 24, 2008

My Very First Vogue

This title reminds me of something Carrie from Sex and the City would say...

I have been subscribing to Vogue Knitting for a while now; however, I had never knit anything from the magazine. Everything seemed more advanced than what I was capable of knitting. Things changed, however, when I received the Holiday 2008 issue. I fell in love with the Bobbled Tam. It looked so cute! I reviewed the pattern and decided that I could totally knit this. I bought Merino Style, DK from Knit Picks in a lovely asparagus color and some needles. I then proceeded to ignore the pattern, yarn, and needles for several weeks. The idea of knitting something from Vogue Knitting scared me something terrible. Is my skill there? Will I be lost in the pattern? Will I totally fail? Finally after some uneasiness, I cast on. It was a quick knit and quite fun. I was so proud of myself when I cast off. Yes, there was a "design element" or two added, but nothing was worse for wear. I am not more confident in my ability to knit the "fancy shmancy" patterns. I don't need to just knit beginner patterns.

Okay, now that the confidence paragraph is over, let me be a bit honest with you about this pattern and Vogue Knitting. Sometimes the pictures in the magazine LIE! The Bobbled Tam looks like a hat in the magazine. Unfortunately, this is not a hat. It is a tam. The project came out much larger than I thought. Much larger. I knew something was off when I cast on so many stitches. I decided inperfect knitter denial, that everything would magically work out with the blocking. Yeah, that didn't happen much. I do like the look of this tam, but next time I will cast on fewer stitches and make it a hat.

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  1. I love many Vogue patterns, but they are notoriously riddled with errors - watch for that!