Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Name Is Smith, Mrs. Smith

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posting, but nothing really entertaining has been happening here in Gainesville. Oh! What am I talking about!? I got 10.5 16" circular needles at Jo-Ann's. For some reason the store had about five sizes of 16" circular needles. The sizes didn't make sense either, it was sizes 9-13 or something. Oh well, I am not complaining! Now I just need to find the perfect yarn and I will start on the Swirly Top hat from The Opinionated Knitter. FYI, that isn't the real name, but I am too lazy to see what the real name is even though the book is ten feet away.

The knitting has been slow, but that is mainly because I have actually been busy with work. My Master's project has taken this weird turn and it involves thousands of excel graphs. I kid not. Thousands of graphs. I now dream of dash blue lines and dot red lines. Don't I live a wild and exciting life? :)

I think I also need to start a new project. Right now, all I have on the needles are partly done socks and scarves/shawls. I need a quick pick-me-up project like a hat or dishcloth. Did I mention the fabulous deal I got on Peaches and Cream (or Sugar and Cream, or whatever)? I got 2 for $3. Now I know you are scoffing at this price, but I haven't got to the best part yet. These were the ordinary puny sized balls of Peaches and Cream. These were the extra large ones (no...not the cones...the big sized ones)! This is especially a great deal, because the puny sized one are usually about $1.25, so this is the ultimate deal! I got 8 balls of yarn and I am pumped for dishcloths or maybe even some darling baby kimonos. Okay, I don't know anyone with a baby, but hey, it could happen and then I could be ready! I will be the only person in my cohort with hordes of baby kimonos in her closet.

Oh, I must relate this amusing story. So I got my Brown Alumni Magazine (or BAM! as Emeril would call it) in the mail the other day, in the class updates was an update I made. This wouldn't normally be amusing; HOWEVER, there was a typo in it! Not a spelling error or a grammatical error, which would have just been embarrassing, but a mistake in my name! The editors must have felt that I should have gotten married by the tender age of 25, and after my lovely last name is another last name. Instead of Silver Arrow, there was Silver Arrow "Smith!" I kinda wonder now if there are people I don't keep in contact with from college who think I tied the knot. There is a really big part of me who has no desire to correct the mistake. I feel like I am living this alternate life now. I am not just a single and carefree grad student, but I am now also "Mrs. Smith" married and dutiful wife. When I get bored in class, I wonder what Mrs. Smith is doing. Is she having trouble balancing school and married life? Will she get pregnant and have to take time off of school? Only BAM! knows what will happen to her!


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  1. That's too funny, Mrs. Smith. I hadn't seen that yet!