Sunday, January 07, 2007

Yarn & Needles

OMG, so I was at the Dollar Store killing time while I was getting my car's oil changed and tires rotated when I saw yarn! The Dollar Store had Lion Brand Fancy Fur and Boucle for a $1. I simply couldn't believe it! The unfortuneate part is that I don't like either of these yarns. The Fancy Fur creeps me out and the Boucle is too rough for me. Now, however, I am going to have to make weekly trips to the Dollar Store to see if they get any other yarn brands in though. If you are in the Gainesville area and like these yarns, this Dollar Store is near the Kmart by the Oaks Mall.

A sad thing happened today. I need 10 1/2 16in circular needles to make some hats and when I went to JoAnns, I discovered that this store like Michaels only sells 29in circular needles. I know that I can knit hats on two circular needles or on DPNs (which I did purchase), but I want my 16in circulars! They make me happy! I like the fluid motion of knitting on the 16in needles. There is not stopping to pick up the other set of circular needles or to tighten a few stitches at the beginning of a new DPN. I have two options now: 1) go to the mean LYS or 2) pay crazy S&H fees for some needles. Hmmm, maybe it is time to make a WEBS order...


PS I am going to Disney World this coming weekend! Look forward to UFOs with Mickey!

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  1. One of our Dollar Stores (at least one that I am aware of offhand) has Briggs & Little wool for $3.00 a skein, which is a great price. It's also a good quality wool, though isn't as soft as some. They also have some cotton (for dishcloths) and novelty yarns too.