Saturday, June 16, 2007

Viva la Revolucion!


I just got back from my conference a few days ago and apparently I didn't get enough sleep, because I have been spending a chunk of time sleeping instead of blogging!

Here is a quick update....

The second Hermione hat is going well. I am still working on the double ribbing, but it is going quickly. Pictures to come.

In my own life, I have an amusing story. I think I mentioned a few months ago that my undergrad alumni magazine misprinted a class note of mine, so it appeared that I had gotten married. In the most recent edition of the magazine, I had the note corrected. To be honest, I cringed when I saw it, because the magazine had gotten rid of the humor and just stated the fact that I was neither engaged nor married. Apparently, the magazine wasn't keen on admitting the misprint. Anyway, since the magazine came out, I have been getting stacks of people thanking me for the note! Everyone was so happy that I printed something that did not involve a wedding or engagement. They stated that they were going to start writing in notes too even though they weren't getting married/engaged. Apparently I started a revolution in alumni class notes!

1 comment:

  1. Boo for the magazine not admitting the mistake! Yay that it turned out well for you!

    How is everything else going?