Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hello Again

Hello. Hi. Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and good night.

It's been a while huh? Almost one year. You were probably surprised to see me pop up on your bloglines account. Where has she been? She hasn't been posting. Did she fall off the face of the earth? Well...sort of...not exactly...but yeah...I did.

Let me explain, please...won't you let me? I can understand if you don't. I just walked out of your life with no warning. One minute I was promising to write and the next I was on the next train to Wonderland. The truth of the matter is that I got stressed. I was working on my Master's degree, starting to seeing therapy patients, and was still trying to keep my life going, and so I got stressed and...you won't believe this...I stopped knitting. Did I mention it is ridiculously hot here in Florida?

Anyway, things have changed recently, really...I am not just saying this. I recently received my Master's degree, so some of my stress has dissipated. I switched mentors, so the majority of my stress dissipated. She was a very nice woman, but our personality styles were just a wee bit different. Also, my clinic requirements have finally slowed down. You must be saying to yourselves, "But most of these things have already occurred, why now?" I can't really say. This weekend, I started rereading the Yarn Harlot website and I realized I missed knitting and the community. I realized that I missed knitting scarves and hats (I really love hats) and Mason-Dixon washcloths (I can't believe I knit about 25 of those for the holidays a couple years ago). I missed having something to do, while I watched television. I ended up reading all of my Stephanie Pearl-McPhee books this weekend. I also started brainstorming new projects to do, because my previous projects should remain works in progress for the moment. I need a fresh start.Oh, I also ordered yarn and some knitting books that I had been wanting. BTW, I can't believe which knitting books have been discontinued and which knitting books are soon to be on the market.

I promise I really am back. I am willing to commit, really. No weekends only type of dating. I am willing to go all the way. How can I show my love to you? How can I reassure you that I am back for the long haul? I can prove it to you, because I did something crazy. I keep telling myself it is an investment in my knitting education and has no time limit. I can keep trying until I die. You guessed it. Why I do these things to myself I have no idea. Okay, I do. I need a goal. I need something to push me to the next level. I requested the Level 1 material for the Master Knitting Program.