Sunday, July 06, 2008

All Grown Up

There was very little knitting this weekend. Although I was pumped to start a very cute knitted skirt and watch Bleak House (7.5 hours of BBC fun!), I ended up doing other things. Other things included going to a BBQ, watching season 1 of Lost with a friend, and doing a major overhaul of my apartment.

I am turning 27 this September and for some reason I am taking this rather hard. I am officially hitting my late 20s. I know deep down this isn't old, but deep down I feel that it is time to grow up. So you may be wondering what one does to grow up. I decided to clean my apartment in a very serious way. I spent serious time cleaning each room and then throwing things out/donating them, taking stock of what I need to buy (get plastic containers for yarn instead of keeping them in trash bags for the bedroom closet), and doing an extra thorough cleaning job. I am trying to declutter my apartment and make it look like a grownup lives here. Over the past couple of years some bad things happened in my life (i.e. very bad breakup with significant other, very bad breakup with mutual friends of significant other, and spending 2 years with a mentor who didn't mesh with me personality-wise and who I ultimately had to leave). I think I kept trying to cling to childish things, because I wasn't ready to admit that this was my life. I wasn't ready to say that this is my 20s, these are my college memories, and this is how it goes sometimes. Now I have a supportive mentor and friends who will be around when the going gets tough. I don't have a significant other, but the idea of dating doesn't scare me like it used to scare me. With all these positive changes in my life, I am ready to embrace adulthood and to illustrate this change, I am fixing up my apartment.

Of course, if you haven't already of the great things about doing a thorough "summer cleaning" of my apartment and making it grownup is that with all the freed up space from "childish things" I can store more yarn, knitting books, and knitting accessories!


  1. Sounds like the cleaning was really cathartic (in more than one way)! I'm glad things are running more smoothly now.

    And don't forget, you have more space to display FOs now!

  2. Well, I could write your post, only fill in 49 for
    Sounds like lots of positive changes for you, and you seem to be on just the right track.
    Keep up the good work, and knit on through all crisis!!