Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Making Odessa Jealous (AKA I Have a Ticket for the Crazy Train)

Since having my "minor" freak out about Odessa, I have been working on a simple stockinette fun fur scarf. It takes a bit of concentration since I am knitting it with two strands of fun fur and it is easy to not knit both strands each time, but it is far superior to Odessa since I haven't had to tink back once. I am hoping that working on this scarf will make Odessa jealous. I usually keep her around when I am watching TV and working with the fun fur scarf. I think she is seeing the error of her ways and is going to be more amiable this time around. I think she looked a bit forlorn today when I got home. This is normal, right? Most people like to make their projects jealous of each other, right?


  1. Well, dude, yeah. Why else do you think I take different projects out on dates?

    Okay, so they're not dates. But I do take different projects out and about with me. I think it isn't working though; I barely finish anything these days.

  2. For sure. Knits have personalities, after all.

  3. Anonymous2:18 AM

    haha, be careful though, I had a "problem sweater" in the same bag with some socks I loved and the sweater ATE one of my socks (a.k.a they got all jumbled together and a finished sock got itself caught in the sleeve). I looked everywhere for it before turning my suspicions on the sweater (monster).