Monday, January 30, 2006

Mohair Scarves Are Fun!

I did something wild today. I wore the little mohair scarf I just finished this past weekend. Remember the horrible things I said about it? The itchiness? Too tiny? Well, I was wrong. I could wear it all day without looking like the silly girl who forgot to take her scarf off (yea for fashionability), it kept my neck warm and cozy without getting it too warm with its airiness, it wasn't scratchy once I wore it for a bit, plus it updated one of my very few work ensembles. I am the type of person to buy books and yarn over new clothes if the old clothes are getting by just fine. I am going to have to whip up a few more of these scarves to go with my other outfits.

Today was also an exciting day at the post office. I got the books for my graduate psychology class I am taking, plus a few late "Christmas presents:" Mary Thomas' Knitting Book, Mary Thomas' Book of Patterns, Folk Mittens, and Folk Socks. Tomorrow I will have pictures of my knitting books openly accepting my new books into the flock. They have been chatting wildly about the Folk Knitting books (Folk Shawls has been particulary excited to see her brother and sister).

Knitting Books from the Library
Andean Folk Knitting
Latvian Mittens
Knitting on the Road
Vogue Knitting


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