Thursday, February 02, 2006

Knitter Down!

I was having a great Tuesday, nothing special, but it was a fine day. When I was leaving a grad seminar I was taking, I slipped on the stairs (no salt) and broke my wrist. I ended up in the ER and my arm was put in a splint.

Isn't it lovely? As much as I loved my darling ER splint, I was really looking forward to going to the orthopedic surgeon today and getting the cast. Well when I left the doctor's office I got this:

You might be saying to yourself that this does not look like a cast. You are right. Apparently a bone twisted and the doctor needs to realign it tomorrow before fitting me for a cast. ::sigh::
In better news a got ANOTHER grad school interview! I did my interview at the University of Buffalo already and I have interviews set up at the University of Florida, Binghamton University, and American University! Hurrah!

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