Monday, October 09, 2006

Happy Chilly Day!

Hello! I have been hit with the knitting bug! Not only have I been knitting every possible second today, I knit during my silly little stats section and I knit some while WALKING. That's right. I am just that cool. The scarf is coming along well and now I am even inclined to try knitting a MD washcloth. Now a MD washcloth isn't the brick-looking one. It is a pentagony-looking thing with BOBBLES. And yes, I feel so inspired that I think I can conquer bobbles. I think I can rock the popcorn of knitting (at least, that is my plan if another word for bobbles is popcorn and not that popcorn is just one type of bobble, because if that is true, then that isn't what I mean at all).

This was also an exciting day, because I got an Amazon package in the mail. Cox cable/internet/big huge telecommunications' conglomerate gave me a $50 gift certificate to Amazon just for signing up for internet! I purchased the first Barabara Walker treasury, the third volume of the Harmony Guides (I just need the color work guide to round out my collection, okay I also technically need the two crochet books, but I don't crochet so I don't feel I neeeeeed them), and Zoolander on DVD. I have Zoolander on VHS, but alas I don't have a VHS player anymore and everyone needs a working copy of Zoolander. It is an all-time classic, if you haven't seen it and realized the utter brillance of this movie. The world of male modeling...who knew that there was so much intrigue? ;)

Anyway, the happy mojo scarf is going smoothly and has inspired me to knit at all times. Oh, have I mentioned that it is getting "chilly" here in Florida. Right now, the weather channel has pegged Gainesville at 63 degrees! Oh joy! Bring out the wooly knitted goods!

Also, have I mentioned how much I am loving Lion's Brand Cotton Ease? This stuff is amazing! Maybe it is because I have been working with so much lace weight yarn that I forgot what worsted weight feels like, but this stuff is sent from the gods. It has a great weight, feel, and the yellow color just makes me oh so happy.

Go out and enjoy the chilly weather with a happy, basic garter stitch scarf!


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  1. Glad to see that things are going better! I am so impressed that you can knit and walk. The yellow scarf will be perfect for a dreary winter day - I'm sure even Florida gets those.