Sunday, October 29, 2006

Wishin' I Had Gone to School in Upstate NY (AKA Being Closer to Rhinebeck!)

I know, I know. I promised pictures, I promised a more exciting and exotic lifestyle. What have I been doing instead, you might ask? Lazying about. Yep, that is the answer in a nut shell. I wish I could say that I have been cleaning, playing gin rummy, or learning how to bake bread, but no, I have been coming home and taking naps that lasted too long and messed with my sleep-wake cycle (let me tell you, when you do sleep research for a living, you feel ten times more guilty about those late afternoon naps, because you know exactly what you are doing to your sleep-wake cycle).

I guess the lazying about is expected since I had a round of midterms last Monday and really needed to recuperate from the stress (well, I would have needed the time, if I had actually felt stressed about the incident...maybe I will feel more stressed after I get my grade).

Even with the lazying about I did have time for knitting related endeavors. I have been diligently knitting my yellow scarf while waiting for participants to show and sometimes while waiting for other events to occur as well (like class). The scarf isn't getting miraculously longer, but that might be because I know that once it gets to a certain length, it won't be a fun and easy to truck along project as it is now. More now than ever, I am impressed that Mrs. Weasley finds the time to knit all those sweaters for her family. Her motivation never falters!

Speaking of motivation, I finally took a stroll over to bloglines. I had over one hundred posts to read. I know I am behind when people who post less often than I normally do had 5 posts waiting for me to read. I do read all the posts eventually, okay, I at least skim the pictures, but the posting has been at a sorry state. I think my creativity curled up and died at some point while I was in the middle of memorizing the differences between delirium, dementia, and amnesia.

Speaking of memorizing, did I mention I have another exam on Monday? I simply do not understand why I need to memorize all this information! It is not like in the real world I won't have this info at my fingertips. I can see it now, "I am sorry Ted I can't decide if you have Schizophrenia or just the case of the blues because you couldn't afford to go to Rhinebeck, because looking in a book would be cheating!" Yeah, I know the reason for exams, but really, memorizing stuff is boring.


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  1. So I guess you know exactly how horrible working 5 nights and then keeping a normal schedule on the weekend is for my sleep-wake cycle, huh?