Monday, November 06, 2006

Better Late than Never!

I've been bad, I know. I can't even give a good excuse for the lack of posting. I finished with midterms and I have been spending my time watching The X-Files. Why haven't I been knitting while watching The X-Files, you ask? Well, I have been going through the piles of papers around my apartment. I have piles of class notes, random fliers from plays I have seen, and important papers (like my electoral ID). It doesn't promote easy access I will tell you.

To earn your love again, I give you pictures of the ongoing happy yellow scarf. I now remember why I got tired of knitting scarves and started on hats. Scarves start fast and then they drag on f-o-r-e-v-e-r. OMG, I can't seem to finish the first ball. How I despise the very nature of the scarf.

Oh, here is the fabulous yarn I got at Walmart a few weeks ago. The Homespun was only $2 each, the Chenille was $2 each too, and the neon hot pink yarn was $3 each. The only sad part about the yarn is that I am going to make scarves out it. As you read above, I don't like knitting scarves. Will wonders never cease!

Oh, have you seen this commercial with Ellen? She praises the awesomeness of argyle socks! How cool is that. You must respect the old school traditional argyle sock knitter with the intarsia and all. :)

Enjoy and have a lovely Tuesday night and Wednesday day (and night)!



  1. Scarves are too too long, agreed. I don't know why everyone thinks they make great beginner projects. How boring.

  2. It's a good thing you live in Florida! And I love the commericial with Ellen. Are you all settled in now? Don't get lost, know the neighbors by sight, stuff like that?

  3. I know how you feel! I have made a zillion scarves since learning to knit last year - yet I never actually WEAR scarves! And no one I know really wants one (well, they don't want MINE anyway!) - but but but - they seem so easy when you first start! Maybe I should go back to washrags - at least I get some use out of them!