Monday, October 16, 2006

My Dishcloth Confession

So I have a confession to make, yes I might have made four MD dishcloths in four days time, yes I have never knit so fast and with so much enjoyment (I like when the rows get smaller with each round), yes I love the fact I am using super cheap P & C yarn to make my colorful creations; HOWEVER, I don't like using wash cloths. I never know what to do with them when they are drying. I never have a rod in the bathroom to keep them try in between face washes or showers, so they are always damp when I go to use them again. This same problem arises in the kitchen. My spout isn't long enough for a dishcloth, so where will it dry? Then comes the problem of washing them. If they are still damp, I don't want to dump them in with the rest of the dirty clothes if I am not planning on doing laundry soon and I am not capable of planning my wash around dishcloths, I wish I could but I can't keep a proper wash schedule to save my life.

You might be asking yourself if I am going to stop knitting MD dishcloths, well I might for the next few days since I put off some work that needs to be done by Thursday (stats homework and Master's Introduction) and Friday (paper on ethics and the law and a quick write up on conversion disorder), but after that I am going full steam ahead. At this point I am curious as to how many dishcloths I can knit before I get tired of them.

Oh! I finally decorated my sad looking office. I have my cosy potholder loop rug under my desk and I can attest to the happy feeling my feet got when I worked at the desk this afternoon. I also left my grey scarf there to keep me busy when I lose inspiration and I need a moment with something fiber-related to keep me motivated. I brought some other decorations but these sadly enough were not knitting related.


Knitting Reading
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - The fabulous Mrs. Weasley knits sweaters for her family (and Harry, of course). Don't you just love Mrs. Weasley? :)

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  1. Is it weird to plan a laundry schedule around dishcloths? I don't think so!

    You can put them in a separate laundry bag. I keep all my "dirty" laundry separate from my clothes anyway.