Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Oh My

So, if you have sent me a comment/email in the past month, you probably haven't gotten a reply (if one was required), because with three email accounts, grad school, and a Harry Potter/Disney obsession, I haven't gotten around to reading all of my email. Tonight, I decided to look through it. Do you know what I found?! A friend of mine found Opal Tiger yarn and asked me if I wanted it. Do you understand this? Tiger sock yarn. I foolishly thought it was more important to check my UF email. Stupid. Stupid. My priorities are so messed up right now.

I have now cleaned out most of my listservs, so I can quickly review the important things in life.



  1. I have 1/2 skein of Opal Tiger sock yarn that I don't have any plans for - already made a hat and mittens.

    Do you want it?

  2. Hey, the Opal yarn is in the mail! It should arrive in a few days.