Thursday, February 08, 2007


I have come to a startingly huge revelation. I do not have enough scarves. I know you must think I am crazy, besides the fact that I have several scarves, I dislike knitting scarves, because I get bored very quickly. Well here is the deal, in dear old Gainesville, FL, the weather can get rather chilly but not very chilly. Do you see the distinction? I have fall weather scarves and heavy winter scarves, but not enough of the in between weather scarves. My Harry Potter scarf is the only one that fits the bill. In RI, it was perfectly fine to just have one of these, because the winter weather would turn to very chilly pretty quickly, but here in Florida, not so much. Oh dear, I guess it is back to the pattern books for me! Now I just need to find a light, but not too light, heavy, but not too heavy, with no lace, and not too bulky knitting pattern to go with a yarn that goes with everything I have. Yea, the Gryffindor colors do look a bit odd with some of my outfits.


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  1. How about a mohair/silk combination? Or maybe the Kid Palace Merino yarns? Just a thought...