Friday, February 23, 2007

Post? Me Post?

Wow, this has been a crazy week! I have been knitting, and exercising, and avoiding vending machine candy, and all sorts of other exciting things! Over the past year with all the upheaval of moving, breaking my wrist, and other major life events, I seem to have falllen off the healthy bandwagon. I have tried multiple times to restart healthy habits, but alas, nothing stuck. Nothing stuck until now, however. :) I am going to Disney World (surprise, surprise) for a bit of my Spring Break and I really want to give Disney some of my money and get silly ridiculous things in return. So I devised a plan, a great, amazing plan, if you will. Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its...wait that's not it. Every time I do something I am supposed to be doing (exercising, taking my multi-vitamin, avoiding vending machine candy, going to be bed before 1AM, etc), I get a sticker. Each sticker represents $1 I can spend at Disney. Right now, I am positively reinforcing a million and one activities, but after a few weeks, I will begin to rein back some of the activities as they become second nature to me and reinforced by their own goodness.

So, what has this got to do with knitting, since this is a knitting blog and not a Disney blog? Well, I seem to have more time to knit. I don't know how this is working out exactly, but after I exercise, eat dinner, do some research, and vaccuum, I seem to have time to knit. I guess all the extra activity is inspiring me to keep busy when I am sitting! Speaking of knitting, here is the ribbed scarf (LB Homespun) I am working on now. The blue is making me so happy and cuddly. It is finally getting warm here in Florida, which doesn't really inspire me to knit heavy scarves, but we will see how far the exercise inspires me to knit. :)

For those of you who wanted to see the finished airy, pink, happy scarf, here it is! It is sadly getting too warm even to wear this, but every morning, I am still whipping this around my neck! :)


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  1. I have such a fondness for Homespun as a scarf yarn. Washes great, too!