Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Busy Busy

Last night I got distracted by my huge multivariate stats exam I have tonight, so I didn't have time to post. I am still trucking along with my Branching Out scarf. I didn't bring it with me to Montreal, since I am using aluminum needles and didn't want to chance TSA. It is just as well, because I really didn't have any time to knit with going to the conference and climbing mountains (well, one mountain at least). When I came home, my WoolGirl Sock Club kit was there. I haven't uploaded the pictures for the latest kit, but in an effort to have SOME eye candy in this post, take a peek at my first kit. Ain't it gorgeous? It is like Christmas morning when I get a WoolGirl package. The yarn is Zen Garden and it is the most luscious stuff you have ever felt!

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