Saturday, April 04, 2009

A Finished Object! Finally!

Long time no see. Things have been a bit crazy here, since I haven't had a computer and well my life kinda exploded with work. Note to the wise, do not try to do 2 classes, an advanced practicum, and study for qualifying exams in the same semester. Apparently it is a bad idea.

I am proud to say that I FINALLY finished a project this year. Yeah, it's April, but I have been busy (with my best and whine-iest voice). In my own defense I have started a ton of projects this semester, I just couldn't seem to finish them. What saved me from a world of UFOs? Coach Taylor and Friday Night Lights. OMGoodness. Have you seen this show? I just watched the first season and knit a hat (pattern: Butterfly Hat). The plots are compelling and believable. Plus, several of the male leads are not too hard on the eyes. ;)

Okay, enough tv! Let's see some knitting! Here is the lovely Butterfly Hat!


  1. Nice hat! Hello there, from a fellow Disney freak! :D

  2. Nice hat! Long time no see--are things starting to quiet down?