Saturday, April 10, 2010

Book Review: Knit Socks!

I remember buying Knit Socks! as a present for myself. I bought the book, because I liked the shape (the book is shaped like a sock!) and because the patterns are written very simply with very little for the knitter to have to figure out on her/himself. I should note that I bought this book as a beginning knitter and instructions that didn't require me to figure anything out was a plus (the patterns even list how many stitches I should have on each needle (the patterns are written for 5 DPNs, but that is easily converted). While I am at it, all of the socks are written from the cuff down.

The first part of the book goes into detail about how to knit socks and sock anatomy. The rest of the book is a set of 13 patterns. What I like about the patterns is that there is a variety of plain socks, kid socks, fun socks, "technical socks" (i.e., intarsia), and more conservative socks. Also, some of the socks are written for worsted weight, some are for fingering weight, and others are written for both worsted and fingering. This is one of the few sock books that I have that has such a large range of sock types.

I have not completed a pair of socks from this book; however, I did start two pairs of socks from this book. I started them before I had a real understanding of sock construction, and they lingered for a while, before I just gave up and frogged them. With that said, the patterns were well written.

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