Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday: WIP Day!

I have been bitten by the sock bug. I cannot believe that I keep wanting to knit the same thing over and over again, okay just twice, but still it is wacky for me. The only item I have knit twice is the Yo Drop It! scarf, because I can knit one in a sitting. What is that saying again? Madness is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result?

I started the Blackrose socks on Saturday, and I just cannot stop knitting them. I think this is because everything else I have been knitting recently has had a somewhat complicated pattern to follow and so far this pattern requires a 17 stitch lace pattern and a lot of simple stockinette. I like stockinette. I am three repeats away from the gusset!

The yarn that I am using is Tosh Sock. My boyfriend bought me the yarn when he was away on spring break. Yep, he's a keeper! Going back to the yarn, this yarn is amazing. It is so cushy and soft. I want to cuddle with it. The yarn is 100% merino with no nylon, so I am a little worried about holes. At the same time, I have a darning egg, so I might as well learn to use it if it comes to that. My other concern is the crazy pooling that is going on. I think I am going to have two vertical stripes on this sock, one green/blue streak and one black/bronze streak. I am just going to hope for the best, because the pooling doesn't really bother me too much. Once I finish the sock, I will have a better picture of the pooling.


  1. I really like the sock and the yarn! Lovely!!! Yep, he's a keeper!

  2. I agree that your boyfriend's a keeper. It's in my job description.Indeed. He does have excellent taste. The yarn looks lovely and sounds luscious but you are right about the probability of holes. There is some stuff you can knit in along with main yarn just for the heel that strengthens it but I can't remember what it's called. It's not a knitting fiber per se. I will see my friend who told me about it and ask her tomorrow and let you know.