Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random Wednesday

The spring has finally come to Florida! Woo hoo! Contrary to popular belief, Florida does get cold (the temperature got to the 30s in North Central Florida). I made good use of my scarves, sweaters, hats, and other wooly goods this winter (and far into the month of March too). Of course now that winter is over, it is time to put this lovely items away and keep them safe for next year.

Here is my process...
  1. Convince myself that I should wash my knits now and not next week (this step takes a few weeks).
  2. Gather all of my knitted items, my wash bin, salad spinner, wool wash (whatever wash that was on sale or that I have a free sample of), trash bags, towels, and pins.
  3. Pick out a few items that are similar in color that will fit in my wash bin.
  4. Take the items, wash bin, salad spinner, and wool wash to the bathroom.
  5. Fill the wash bin with water and a bit of wool wash.
  6. AFTER the tepid water is in the bin, I place the items in the water. NEVER put the items in first and then turn the water on unless you like felting your items.
  7. While the items are soaking, I clean up my living room a bit, and place trash bags on the floor and then towels on top of them. I have allergy problems, so I don't like the idea of the carpets getting damp.
  8. After 30ish minutes, I take one item (or so) out of the bin, squeeze gently to get out some of the water.
  9. Then I place the item in the salad spinner, and spin the item damp.
  10. Finally, I gently take the item over to the living room and place it on the towel.
  11. If the item requires blocking, I proceed to pin the item into shape.
  12. After several hours (usually overnight) I flip the item over, so it dries thoroughly.
NEVER, place a damp item in a drawer, unless you are a fan of moldy clothes. After this is all done, I have all of my knitted items tucked away with a bit of lavender to keep the bugs away. I haven't had a problem here in Florida, but I like to be prepared.

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