Monday, March 20, 2006

The Good News

So it is official, well not really since I haven’t sent the confirmation email, but I am going to go to the University of Florida. I know, I know, Binghamton is only 3 hours away from RHINEBECK. It hurts. I have never even been to the festival, but I know I will be missing it. I think UF will be a better fit for me, PLUS (I did check before making my final decision) there is a yarn store in Gainesville. Did you think I would go to a graduate school with only a Michaels in the general vicinity? I think not! There is one though just in case the LYS is closed I have a need for size 4 needles.

Also, I worked more on the green lacey slanted scarf. It has a real name but green lacey slanted scarf really describes the project perfectly. I’d say I am about a third done with the scarf, if I did not have to rip out half of what I knit though I would be much happier. Saturday night I was watching Season 3 of The Sopranos when I noticed that the eyelets were not slanting the same way as the knit2togs. In other words, the scarf was starting to zigzag when it was just supposed to be zagging (NOT zigging, mind you). I am really getting the hang of ripping out rows and then putting all the stitches back on the needle though. I am not as scared of losing my entire project when I make a mistake.

This past weekend I got a little excited at the yarn store and got a nice little addition to my stash. I got some Brown Sheep NatureSpun in Pepper and Spring Green to make the crazy cool Alien Scarf in Stitch n Bitch. I also picked up some sock yarn to make a pair of socks, because I AM going to learn how to make socks one of these days. I also got some more Wooly Silk yarn that I am using to make the green lacey slanted scarf but in yellow since it is nice to knit with and I want to make some more pretty lacey things. I also got some Lion Brand Bolero yarn, which is crazy soft and a little funky since it isn’t plied or anything. I want to make a scarf out of it but I keep frogging the product since I am not happy with the width or the stitch pattern or anything else. I think this is a sign to stop starting projects and finish one of the ones I have going.


Knitting Television
The Sopranos (Season 3)
Home Movies (Season 2, Disc 1)

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