Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Green Lacey Slanty Scarf Continues...

Last night, my housemate and I watched The Neverending Story II while I knit and she crocheted. I have to say that I have missed these nights that we would sit in our apartment and watch netflix movies. Since S has started her crazy cool publishing job and I have been on grad school interviews, we have just been too busy and too tired to do anything as active as crafting and movie watching. S made some very nifty lacey coasters and I worked on the green slanty lacey scarf some more. The end is in sight. You might be asking yourselves why and I have a very simple explanation. I only have one ball of mossy green yarn for this scarf, so when I run out of yarn, the scarf will be over. I am slightly concerned that it will be too short, but I am going to try to block it and see what happens.

I should probably point out now, that I am new to the world of blocking. I am a newbie in the world of knitting and until recently I never blocked anything. I should also note that the one thing I did block, did not really need blocking and I think the blocking did nothing at all anyhow. I guess my philosophy regarding this technique is that as long as it is not going to harm the garment (the yarn specifically says not to get it wet), I might as well try it out. I could, of course, read up on blocking and learn how to do it properly and understand what material blocks well and when it is a bother, but really what is the point of doing that? Being responsible and thinking ahead! Ha! I laugh in the face of danger and responsibility! Ha ha...hahaha...gwahahahaha!

Um...yes ::smoothes wrinkles out of her khaki pants, adjusts turtleneck sweater, checks off last item in her to do list for the day:: I should be leaving for my follow-up appointment with my orthopedic surgeon so I can get there 15 minutes early.


PS I will posts pictures of the scarf tonight!

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