Wednesday, March 29, 2006

It Is A Tad Early

So when I came home tonight, I checked my email and low and behold, I got an email from WBRU (the local alternative rock station) stating that this email would probably be the last one I would be getting and that the radio station had a great run. Now, I was a little confused when I read this for two reasons. One, a representative from WBRU is coming to my office on Friday to discuss advertising our research studies on the air, and two, WBRU is the number one alternative rock station in the region. After thinking about this for a minute, I looked at the calendar and April 1st is not until Saturday. Could it be a real and true situation? Had WBRU embezzled funds? Did we have our very own Enron scandal in little Providence, Rhode Island? Well, I got my answer five minutes later when I received an email from the Motley Fool radio show (it's on NPR and you should listen to the show if you are interested in business and personal finance issues but need things explained simply) stating that this week's show is their LAST show. I just have one thing to say to these emails: "APRIL 1ST IS SATURDAY!"

I worked on the Harry Potter scarf tonight. I am less than five stripes (4 3/4 stripes to be exact) away from finishing. It is getting a little tiring but I am psyched about getting it done. I really want to call myself a process knitter, but alas, I am most definitely a goal-oriented knitter. I do think to myself when I see patterns: "Wow, that would be fun to knit;" however, I am also thinking: "I want one of those!" In my own defense, I do try to learn a new skill with every new project. Sometimes it is a simple skill like knitting a scarf in the round, and sometimes it is a bit more complicated like knitting lace and blocking it.

Oh! Random thing! Today, I realized that I had a scarf in process at work (yes, I leave knitting everywhere: note to self...get some knitting to leave in the car) that I was making while watching SCID tapes (videos teaching me how to administer a survey that "diagnoses" participants with psychological disorders). I remembered that I stopped working on it, because I had broken my wrist and because I was knitting it (I should say now, that it is a fun fur scarf) with size 15 needles and it is way to thick. Since, I am pretty far into the balls of yarn, I am going to finish knitting it on the 15's and then reknit it on the 17's. As much as this sounds tedious, it is much easier than trying to rewind fun fur. Don't ask me (or my mom) why I know this.

I would show you some pictures, but my camera batteries had decided to take the night off. :(


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