Thursday, August 31, 2006

All Hail the Powerful Knitting Gods!

Last night I got together with my cohort for a little dinner party (there are just 15 of us). It was great. We talked clinical psych, Project Runday, and everything in between. We are getting to be a pretty tight-knit group, which makes me happy, since we will be taking classes together for four years. At the dinner, I have potentially recruited two new knitters! I told them about all the creative and calming powers of knitting. Of course, I felt slightly guilty saying these things, when I haven't picked up my needles in several days. Once I start getting into the groove of this whole grad school thing, I will be able to fit the knitting in better. Right now, I only seem to be able to squeeze the knitting in on the weekends.

Oh! I was going to tell you that I told the two lovely ladies about my local SnB and one asked what we did at the meetings. This struck me as odd at first. I told her that we knit and talk about all sorts of stuff. She seemed happy with this response, but I started to wonder about my answer. Should we be doing a prayer to the knitting gods at the beginning of every meeting? Should there be some sort of induction ceremony involving acrylic worsted weight yarn and size 8 needles? Should people who don't attend meetings regularly be forced to knit a fugly object in penance?



  1. I think there should be an invocation...."Of purling and point protectors / Of cast-ons and Continental knitting / Sing, O Muse..."

    Oh wait, that's for epic poetry. Never mind.

  2. This is brilliantly funny. An invocation. A homage to the knitting gods. A formal ritualized event where we wear costumes and call each other by code names. Really, the possibilities are endless!

  3. There should be a period of time, or perhaps attendance at a certain number of meetings, before someone is inducted. In other words, they must prove their worth!

    Then we tell them about Socks That Rock, and they're in for life.

    I haven't gotten any STR yet. I wonder if there's a hidden meaning in that. I didn't mean to miss the meeting!