Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Happy Rug

I am proud to say that even though it has been over 90 degrees every day for the past week with not one whisper of a breeze, I have continued to knit. Granted, I wasn't too keen to pick up a scarf or Twizzler (merino wook isn't what I want to touch right now), but I did pick up the potholder loop rug. The cotton loops are breathable and I don't break into a sweat knitting it. I might be getting tennis/knitter's elbow using the huge needles, but everything else is hunky doory. I am planning to use it in my office at school, so I will have a nice and cozy handknit to keep me sane. The cotton loops are soft and squishy, so my feet will stay happy when I am stressing about clients, theses (both the master's and doctoral), and classes.


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  1. Great rug to keep your feet cozy!

  2. That is too cute - perfect for Florida!

  3. Anonymous6:04 PM

    I like your rug. I've made one from the Mason Dixon book, too. Now what else are you going to do with size 35 needles?

  4. I saw some enormous circulars when I was in San Francisco! Sounds like you solved that problem though. Cute rug!