Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What I Did on Summer Vacation...

Today was my first day of grad school! Yea! I am official grad student with syllabi and homework. Alas, I didn't have time to knit, but I was busy becoming friends with my cohort and working in my lab, so don't begrudge me too much. :)

Some people were interested in the socks I am knitting. I am using Lorna's Laces' Shepherd Sock #70 (Vera). The pattern is entitled "Classy Slip-Up" from the happy-go-lucky Knit Socks! book. Since the yarn has this varigated but not self-stripping effect, I thought this pattern would help lessen the pooling of colors. The pattern has been doing a pretty decent job of doing just that, plus the simple slip stitch pattern is pretty easy to memorize, so I don't need to carry the pattern with me.


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  1. I've been wondering if that book was worth buying - it's so cute! I'll have to look at it more closely.