Monday, June 23, 2008

Being Stubborn Is Bad

I did a bad, stupid thing. Initially, it wasn't bad or stupid, but then I became incredibly stubborn and made the situation 10, 20, okay 100 times worse. I didn't need to tell you about my big mistake, but I have decided to embrace my stupidity and share. We all do things like this and I wanted to let you know that you are not alone.

So, what did I do? I decided to make Odessa by Grumperina my waiting to meetings knitting. It is small and compact plus I would get to knit with beads, which would be a new skill for me. It was already pretty late and I had already put away my Seasons of Lace KAL project (Seascape from Knitty), because I knew I was sleepy. I curled up with an episode of Campion (BBC detective-ish show) and began stringing the beads onto the yarn. Since it only took me a few minutes to string the beads, I decided to cast on and knit a few rows, so it would be easier to pick up at school. Well, that was where the problem started. I misread one line of the pattern. I knew I had misread it when I misread it. I knew how I interpreted the line didn't make a fig of sense. I knew that even if that is what Grumperina meant, it didn't make any sense. BUT, I did it anyway.

What did I do? ::sigh:: I strung the beads on one end of the ball of yarn and started knitting with the other end. I convinced myself this was a smart decision, since I didn't start using the beads until after I finished the 1 inch of ribbing and therefore wouldn't need the beads for a while. I should note that this isn't the stupid part. After knitting about two rows, I realized that this was stupid and that I should frog what I have done and start again with the piece of yarn that had the beads. I told myself that I just needed to slowly push the beads away from the end. Did I do this? No, I did not.

This is where I started being stubborn and stupid. I decided instead of frogging, I would wind the yarn and during this process slowly work the beads from one end of the 142 yards of yarn to the other end. That is right, I thought that tediously moving the beads across ~150 yards of yarn was better than frogging about 2 rows of knitting. For the most part, I was able to move the beads across the yarn until I got towards the end. I now have 2 yards of yarn in a huge tangled mess. I refuse to cut this yarn since I can only find this 1 ball of yarn and from what I understand, 1 ball is all you need. I can't lose those 2 yards to a knot.

Moral of the Story: Don't be stubborn. Just like loose lips sink ships, Being stubborn sinks knitting projects.

You might be wondering where the picture of the knitting disaster is, well, I am not ready to face the reality of the situation just yet.

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