Sunday, June 15, 2008

Knitting Weekend Update

This wasn't a super productive knitting weekend. I went to the Ripley's Believe It or Not museum in Orlando with some friends and then cleaned most of my apartment. I say most, because I successfully avoided my living room again. After pulling out all my yarn, I realized that I have a lot more yarn than room and don't know where to hide it properly. I need to hide it, because I need to keep all my yarn in ziploc bags, and the bags don't look glamorous. There are lots of bugs in Florida, and I don't want them crawling in my yarn. eek!

Argosy is coming along. I am almost to where I began ripping back. Although Argosy became a huge challenge since I took the needles back up, I have learned a lot with Argosy. I can read my knitting better and have fixed several mistakes (like forgetting a YO) without ripping back. I am now at a significant conundrum. I have almost made all of the repeats the pattern calls for, but I have enough yarn to go for a few more. Should I keep going? Since I still need to block this scarf, it is probably going to grow a bit. The question is how much. Should I keep going since I like long scarves or should I stop? Maybe more pattern repeats will cause the scarf to be too long for a lace scarf (since I like those to be a bit shorter than plain old ribbed scarf). ::sigh:: This scarf also reminds me that the only space available to block long items like scarves is the floor. Since I have a one bedroom apartment, I don't have too much space to keep empty (and therefore completely clean) for blocking. Hmmmm. Maybe I should start knitting this piece more slowly.

I have also worked on my ribbed scarf. I love this thing. It is so soft and comforting. It truly is my security scarf. Even though it is long enough, I am going to keep knitting it. It is just so comforting to knit. I think after I cast off, I am going to cast on another ribbed or garter stitch scarf. It is really nice to have some mindless knitting on the needles. Plus, even in the Florida heat, I can wear scarves (light, novelty scarves that is) from fall to early spring and not look crazy. I wear pretty much the same outfit every day (black/brown pants and some sort of pink blouse), the scarves would mix things up.

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