Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Ripping, Tinking, Frogging

There was knitting activity today, but sadly it went in the wrong direction. I ripped back to the row in which I didn't cast on 8 measly stitches. Although I was excited that I ripped back to my error as opposed to tinking back (I get really nervous I am going to lose my entire project), I was not pleased with the amount of ripping I had to do. Yesterday the scarf was about 3.5 feet long. Today, the scarf is 1 foot long. Yes, 1 foot long. I long about a skein's worth of knitting in a matter of 5 minutes. I am happy that I fixed the mistake and successfully ripped to where I wanted, but losing several feet of work does not make me a happy camper. Today has been a busy day, so I don't have pictures, but I will get some to you tomorrow.

In other news, I have recently discovered that I own more yarn that I thought. I know this is probably a common surprise for knitters, but really I don't have that much space. My stash list in ravelry is starting to freak me out a bit. I try to remind myself that my yarn can be split into three main categories: 1. yarn that was gifted to me (this is a lot of my acrylic yarn), 2. super pretty yarn that I figured I wouldn't be able to see in person ever again once I moved to Florida (this is my Fleece Artist, Lorna's Laces, and Rowan), and 3. yarn that I bought with a specific project in mind (keep in mind I bought most of this yarn right when I started knitting, so I have a lot of...what's the word?...decorative fur, eyelash yarn, etc...I still like the funky scarves one can make from it but I would prefer not to own several pounds of the stuff). I am exaggerating a bit. I have some reasonably nice yarn that is plain enough for tops, hats, etc. It was just a bit of a shocker to see all my yarn in one place.

I think this organization of my yarn has inspired me to starting using up some of my stash. Don't worry! The Fleece Artist will be treasured for a bit longer, but I think I will use up some of my acrylic yarn. I am thinking of looking into charity knitting groups. The yarn is a bit too rough for newborns, but maybe I can donate knitted hats to homeless shelters or something of the like. I love the idea of using up my stash, knitting fun new hat patterns, and helping others all at the same time! Now if I just had the time...

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  1. There might also be groups that donate blankets to nursing homes or shelters. Now *those* would use up a lot of stash yarn!

    I had the same "gosh I have a lot of yarn" experience this evening...the sock yarn got consolidated in a bigger container and now I should probably figure out if the large larva-like critter I found in a ziploc bag of cotton is a sign of doom. I haven't seen anything in the wool...yet.