Saturday, October 26, 2013

Friday Update (on Saturday)!

 Today has been an amazing day. It has been one of the best days ever. On the way to Wal-Mart, my husband and I stopped by Barnes & Noble to check out the books and games. In the new science fiction and fantasy section, in the far bottom right corner, was a few copies of Parasite by Mira Grant. The whole world stopped for a moment. I have been reading it, since we got home. It is so good.


So my Bigger on the Inside shawl hasn't grown since last Tuesday's post. I know you are surprised by this. It will get longer. Soon.

On the other hand, I have been knitting! I made yet another ruffles scarf (this is #5 if you are keeping count). I knit this one last night while watching my regularly scheduled television shows. It was so much longer than I was expecting. I think with this yarn (forgive me, I don't have the yarn band handy) I am going to have to cast on five stitches not four. I could have had two scarves of reasonable length with one ball of yarn. The scarf is really pretty though.

Knitting Television

I watched the pilot episode of Dracula tonight. This show is so ridiculously cheesy that I cannot get over it. I think I am going to watch all the episodes when it hits Netflix, because it is that perfect level of cheesiness that would be perfect for a Saturday afternoon with popcorn and knitting.

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