Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Tuesday Update!

This weekend, my husband and I took a drive around the area checking out the changing colors. Although I do enjoy warm weather year round, it is neat to see the effects of fall on the trees. That is, until it rains a few times and the leaves are all on the ground and making a mess. :)


I have to be honest, I haven't touched my Chroma Striped Scarf, since I last posted. I know. This is not going to help me get it off the needles. I promise to have a better story on Friday. I promise!

I have been working on my Odessa hat. It should have been completed already; however, I was playing D&D with my friends (see below) while knitting on it, and apparently I wasn't being careful enough. I have decreased more stitches than I should and I need to rip back a round or two. I am going to look again to see, if I can just drop a stitch down and fix it, but right now I can't see where I had my misstep. Isn't it pretty though? I really like the purple and pearl beads. 

Knitting Games...?

This weekend, my friends, husband, and I started playing D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) again. Because D&D is a "theater of the mind" type game, we are able to play D&D over Google Hangouts with just a few apps. I like playing D&D, because I like to play a character and to fight orcs. I usually play a thief, but this time I am playing a bard who is trying to make it big. She wants to see her name in lights. During our games, I knit. My friends are crafty, so they don't make a bit deal about my knitting. I enjoy knitting during the game, because it helps me focus on the game even when my character isn't doing anything.

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