Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tuesday Update!

This has been a much better day than last week. My meeting with my dissertation adviser had a much better outcome than last week. Hurray! Maybe I will graduate one of these days.


I spent this weekend reading, so I didn't get a lot of knitting done. I did work on the Chroma Stripped Scarf, so I should hopefully be done this week. The balls of yarn are much smaller. The end is definitely in sight! Although this scarf is boring to knit, it really is pretty. I know that this will not be my last Stripped Scarf. I would like to do this scarf again with two yarns that are a little bit more colorful. The brown stripping yarn that I used does not have as much variety as I was hoping that it would have. I haven't worked on the Bigger on the Inside shawl. Once I finish my scarf, I am going to start working on this shawl double time.

Knitting Television

Instead of discussing my television shows for the week, I want to draw your attention to an awesome cartoon, Bee and PuppyCat. It is this amazing little show. The show was created by a woman and has an awesome female protagonist. There have been two episodes. The video below has the two of them back to back. There is now a kickstarter to make more episodes. I want to encourage you to check out the kickstarter and make a donation if you are so inclined.

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