Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Update!

This has not been the greatest of weeks. My adviser is pushing my graduation date by another semester. I just feel really trapped, because I am so close to graduation; however, I don't know if it is worth it anymore. Hopefully, the next few days will bring better results.


Just like my life, my knitting has been having some ups and downs! I cast on the Bigger on the Inside shawl from Knitty. This is my second attempt, because I over-thought what the increase was supposed to be. It is just a backwards loop; however, she labeled it as an m1. She defines the m1 as a backwards loop, but with the m1 label I got confused. I started a normal m1, but I didn't knit the stitch, so the working yarn was just been carried over the created stitch. It was working fine and no one would notice, but I got worried that the loose working yarn would get snagged. I had only worked two repeats of the increase lace stitch, so I thought it would be better to start over once I realized my mistake than keep going and questioning my method. I am glad that I did this.

I am starting to get into the zone with the lace pattern, so I hope that it starts to go faster. The lace only grows to 52 stitches per row, so I think this shawl will go faster than my typical shawl. The second part of the shawl with the TARDISes has lots of long rows, but it is mainly just knit or purl stitches, so even though that section will have longer rows, I think it will go fast.

I am STILL working on the Chroma Stripped Scarf. The scarf is longer and the balls are smaller, but I feel like this project is never going to end! The scarf is long enough to wrap around my neck, even though it may not look like that from the picture.

Knitting Television

This week marks the official start of all the TV shows that my husband and I watch. Our Tuesdays and Thursdays are now jam packed with TV and knitting! Tuesdays are now filled with Agents of SHIELD, Supernatural, and Face-Off. This is my lace knitting night, because I only really need to watch the TV when the final make-up is shown on Face-Off. During the rest of the shows, I just peek up once and a while. On Thursdays, we watch The Big Bang Theory, Grey's Anatomy, and Scandal. On Thursdays, I work on my scarf, because too much crazy stuff happens (and those Grey's doctors are pretty dreamy), so I need to keep my eyes on the screen and not on the projects.

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