Sunday, July 23, 2006

90 Gallons of Yarn

Sorry about the MIA status. I have been packing or procrastinating on the packing by doing "packing related activities." I will have pictures and updates tomorrow like always.

On a yarn related note, I packed up all my yarn that is currently not being used in current WIPs and I have 90 gallons of yarn! This is not an exact estimate since I am just using CVS 30 gallon trash bags, but you get the idea. For some reason, this makes me really happy. The yarn has turned into a safety blanket for me, a very large unknitted blanket!

On a sadder note, I am packing up my knitting books and putting them in boxes. Think happy thoughts for my knitting books. I am putting them in UPS' hands. I decided that the CDs, DVDs, and yarn must come in the car (breakable and/or can't part with them ever), but the knitting books are heavy and I need weight for some of my boxes, so I can get them to weigh 50lbs (50lbs boxes are more cost effective than non-50lbs boxes for a particular hwl box).


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  1. Ninety gallons! Last time I measured I had 75, and I've been knitting longer than you!