Saturday, July 08, 2006

Filbrina Is on Her Way to Her New Home!

Miraculous news! I actually sent off Filbrina! I finished my little turtle for S! It's amazing! Here she is in all of her adorable fugliness. I can't explain it, but she really is cute even with the crazy color combination. I think I didn't want to finish her, because it meant she had to leave me, but I know she is going to a happy home. Even if S doesn't like Filbrina (she has a real live tortoise named Filbert), I have bribed her with handknit dishcloths, so she will have to take Filbrina into her happy home. :)

Now I need to be honest about something. I didn't work on Filbrina last night. In fact, I completely forgot my pledge to work on her and worked on the Mystery Stole instead. Yeah, I am a commitmentphobe. In my own defense, I just did the "provisional cast-on" (I started on two different ones, but got impatient since I was in a different room as their instructions and just cast on with scrap yarn instead), the anchor row and the center row. No "real" knitting has commenced.

No knitting yet today, but I might do some before I go see Pirates of the Caribbean 2 tonight! Yeah, moving stress requires Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. They're practically medicinal.

Okay, off to find some grub and possibly work on Twizzler!



  1. Filbrina is adorable. I hope she likes her new home.

  2. Hey, congrats on finishing Filbrina! I bet Filbert will be happy to have a new friend.