Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thanks Joyce!

This is going to be a quickie, because I stayed out late with a friend and am quiet sleepy. I could have waited until tomorrow, but I needed to show you the yarn and needles I have acquired. I had dinner with my friend MB tonight. We laughed and talked about old times. It was fabulous. In addition, she very kindly gave me some of the yarn from her large yarn stash her Mom had accumulated over the years. We must all give a very big shout out to Joyce! I left with four bags of yarn. Most of it is a mixture of acrylic and wool or just acrylic. I jumped at the chance for such a large amount of yarn, because I have been wanting to knit a blanket but didn't have the money to spend on the amount of yarn I would need. I am thinking about making a Mason-Dixon log cabin blanket with it or maybe even the mitered square blanket.

I also need to show you the needles I got. Here is just a quick shot of some of the dpns I got. Aren't they beautiful? I also got a stack of circular needles, my new best friends. Some are plastic and some are aluminum. I am going to have to make some sort of labeling system since there is nothing marking their size, but I love them all the same.

Also, on the knitting front, I started a moss stitch hand towel from the Mason-Dixon book. Isn't it sweet? I think it would be lovely to have some handknit goods around the apartment in Florida.

To bed! To bed!

More details (and pictures) tomorrow, I promise.


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  1. I love the old Susan Bates DPNs - I have several sets from my mother, including the size 3s in pink.

    I had been thinking about the Mason-Dixon book, picking it up in bookstores, putting it back - haven't been able to justify it yet. Then, I received a $10 Borders gift card for filling out some survey at work, and read your blog with another pattern from it, and it looks like Borders is on my way home tonight.