Thursday, July 20, 2006

Twizzler Is Back!

So here is Twizzler with his brand new progress! Can't you just see the new Twizzler knitted goodness? Aren't you utterly amazed with the crazy amounts of knitting I have been doing? What? You can't see anything? Oh.

Here is a picture of Twizzler out of the bag. You can't really see the details, but you can see that he is getting a bit wider. There is something weird about knitting something width-wise instead of length-wise. At the same time, I can alway bind off and make him into a scarf, but don't tell Twizzler. I think he might frog himself, if he heard that!

Here is a better picture of the actual lace work. The latest pattern isn't the most visible, but I promise you that there are YOs, k2togs, and sl1k2togpssos all over the place! I am two rows away from the second (of three) pattern repeats and then on to the central pattern.

Now that I have proven myself as not just a yarn horder but also a knitter, I should get back to what I do best...procrastinating (by knitting)!


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