Thursday, September 28, 2006

A Grey Scarf for Grey's Anatomy

Wow, I can't believe it is Thursday already! This week has been moving faster than I would like! The knitting, alas, had to take a back burner to the Master's Thesis research that my mentor wanted done, but I am definitely planning a therapeutic weekend of knitting to calm my fears of this whole grad school thing. I have yet to get used to the whole homework thing.

Just in case you were wondering though, I was able to squeeze some knitting in tonight, while watching Grey's Anatomy. I am working on my scarf of random desires. Since I got tired of making mistakes and not counting rows, I decided that I needed a project that relied only what I was currently thinking. If I want to do YOs, I am doing YOs. If I want to do k2togs, then I do them! I feel so empowered. I think I was starting to feel constrained by the knitting and grad school at the same time and everything got too stressful. Now, the knitting is setting me free!


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