Monday, September 18, 2006

We All Love Caffeine

So instead of going to bed like a good girl, I am going to be an awesome blogger and post! Okay, this decision mainly came about because I drank THREE sodas today after being almost caffeine free and I am pumping energy.

I have to tell you that I am just completely frustrated with my knitting. I can't seem to accomplish anything. I frogged a bit of the sock and continued to make the same mistakes. I took out a worsted weight scarf I was working on with just simple purls and knits to make blocks. I continued to mess this up. I couldn't keep track of what row I was on. I got so frustrated that I frogged the five inches I had and cast on 40 stitches. I am proceeding to knit whatever I feel like. If I feel like garter stitch, I knit garter stitch. If I feel like doing YOs and k2togs or YOs and ssk's, I do them. I even did some YOs and dropped stitches. The only requirement is that I try to keep the number of stitches at 40. I think all of this thinking during the school hours has blown my knitting concentration. Hmmm...maybe this school thing isn't for me. I would love to see the look on my mentor's face, if I told her that I had to quit grad school, because it was taking out too much time from my knitting.

In other news, I watched this PBS special on Quilts today (I think it was called "A Century of Fabric" or something like that). What was most fascinating was how innovative quilt makers are. One woman used crayon to create a gossamer effect, and another used embroidery to make her images pop. Even with these new and different methods of creating a quilt, the documentors still thought of the quilts of today and yesterday as equal. Looking at them, I had to wonder if the quilters of today are making some new, something different, a new textile art of sorts. This made me wonder about knitting. Are we as knitters branching out with something new too? With the millions of knitters in the world, are we too on the breaking point of creating something beyond or equal to knitting? Will there be a point where one does not just using knitting needles for knitting but also for a different textile art, which had its origins in knitting?


PS If you sent me a comment/email, answers are on their way, I am just entrenched in paper writing and stats homework at the moment.

PPS Pictures are on their way too!

Knitted Televison:
State Fair (Ma knits on the last night of the fair.)

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  1. You just inspired me to add that documentary to my Netflix queue. I'm a sucker for PBS documentaries, and that one sounds great to knit to!