Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Silly Grad School

So the whole grad school thing is starting to really take over my life. I am meeting with my advisor tomorrow and I am not real pumped about what I have to show her after a week of lit searches. This whole thing has really reminded me why I like knitting. With knitting you have so many choices. You can design your own project or pick out a pattern. Even with a pattern, a knitter has the option of making the pattern his/her own. With a thesis, you are on your own. You might have a mentor and your colleagues, but there are no step-by-step instructions, no hand holding, no charts. I wonder if it's not too late to drop this whole grad school thing and open a yarn store. Well, maybe I should wait and finish a pair of socks first.



  1. Any chance of incorporating knitting into your project? Investigate what it is about knitting that calms people - what happens in their brains.

    On second thought, maybe we don't want to know.

  2. That's why I knit - to have something to show for my time. If I cook, it gets eaten. If I clean, it gets dirty. But when I knit (and don't have to rip . . .), there's something. Use it as a counterbalance to the frustrations of grad school.