Sunday, September 10, 2006

Long Time No See

Hi everyone! I know I haven't posted in about four days and it probably seems like I have dropped off the face of the planet, but alas, I have been living my own crazy little life. I spent most of the week going to class and doing research on my Master's Thesis and then this weekend I had bonding time with my lab, I went to the fabulous Waldo Flea Market, and attended a play (Moonlight and Magnolias).

Don't worry though, I did get some knitting time in this week. I ended up frogging the gusset and have started picking up the stitches again. I also picked up my Moss Grid Hand Towel from the M-D book. I couldn't stand looking at the sock again, so the towel was almost like a comfort food for me. Hey, it was better than eating a batch of brownies.

Even though my knitting time has been rapidly shrinking, I have been reading "A History of Handknitting" by Richard Rutt. It is utterly fabulous. The most fascinating part is Rutt talking about how other historians have misread poems, stories, diaries, etc and translated X for knitting when in fact X meant something else entirely. He also mentions how various fiber goods were originally thought to be knitted but in fact they were made via some other technique. I never thought that the history of knitting was so ambigous and in some ways controversial. In addition, it amazes me to think about how knitting (and other fiber-related techniques) have been around for centuries. I never thought about people centuries ago needing mittens and socks. Didn't they all wear togas until the invention of Macy's? ;)


Knitted Television:
Breakfast at Tiffany's (Holly Golightly knits!)

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