Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Still No Pics

So I have decided why I haven't been knitting as much as I usually do, I simply did not have the knitting in easy access to the futon I collapse onto when I get home. I found a variety of UFOs and placed them in a plastic container (wanted wood, but I was afraid that it would snag the yarn). Soon I will be posting pictures of tons of UFOs again!

I am sorry I haven't been posting pictures, but there really hasn't been anything to show. On Thursday, though, I will break the cycle. Thursday is my birthday and I bought myself some yarn and I will show it off when I officially "open" my presents. I use my birthday and Christmas as an excuse to buy a few fun items (I cannot exceed $100) that I normally wouldn't buy for myself. Now that I am a poor graduate student, I really need to keep to a budget so the yarn and other presents were a real treat. That's right, I have imposed a knit from the stash only policy unless money falls from the sky. I guess I can't feel too constrained by this, since I do have a large variety of yarn for multiple projects. But don't we all love our cozy and large stashes? :)


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  1. I try to impose a knit from the stash policy myself. However, I find I can make too many excuses to buy new yarn - "well, I don't have the right kind of baby yarn (or right amount) to make such and such an item for so and so who just had her baby, so I need to get some new baby yarn for that" or "I need to get this yarn because I want to make a scarf and I don't have any good colours" or "I am making mittens, therefore I need some wool since the old acrylic stuff I was using won't be warm enough and I don't want people to know I use that sometimes for the mittens and it wouldn't keep the kid's hands warm if the mittens get wet"...you know, those kinds of 'reasons'...lol. However, I need to use up the acrylic stuff in mittens or hats because they would at least keep the cold off the child for a bit right?