Friday, September 06, 2013

Friday Update!

Just got back from a lovely vacation in Cape Cod. I even had a chance to hit a yarn store. I got two skeins of sock yarn. I know, I know, I shouldn't be buying yarn, when I am trying to knit down the stash, but it is vacation sock yarn. Vacation sock yarn doesn't count. At least, not until I am trying to knit down the sock yarn. One of the skeins has 2% silver! I figured that is too super fancy to ignore.


On vacation, I knit a grand total of one washcloth. It is a bit embarrassing. I got too wrapped up in reading. I
have a stack of books that need to be read within the next month. Once I got home though, I returned to my Amy Pond Scarf. I am about 40% done with it!

Now, let me tell you a funny story. I originally planned to knit an Amy Pond scarf. I didn't have a pattern picked out. I figured I would make up a pattern based on pictures from The Pandorica Opens. Last week, I pulled out three skeins of Patons red worsted weight yarn and opened up ravelry. I found a pattern that I liked; however, the pattern instructed the knitter to knit two strands of worsted weight yarn together. The pattern called for five skeins of yarn. I only had three skeins of worsted weight yarn. I decided to just knit the scarf with what I had, and the scarf would just be a bit short. Well, as I started to knit, I decided that I would like the scarf to be a bit longer. So, I went to Michael's and bought more red yarn. Now, this yarn bought three years (or so) later has a completely different dye lot; however, I decided it wasn't a big deal in a scarf. I continued to knit happily along. The next day, I was in my walk-in closet and looked at my tub of worsted weight yarn. I noticed two skeins of Patons worsted weight yarn. I then noticed that this yarn was red. It was then that I realized that I had bought five skeins of red worsted weight yarn several years ago, not three. I now own seven skeins of Patons red worsted weight yarn. I am returning the two new skeins of yarn today or tomorrow, before it starts to multiply.

Knitting Television

I have been continuing to knit while rewatching all of the Star Wars movies. My husband and I finished up with episode 3 last night. I think he is tired of hearing me complain about the Jedi and their bottling up of emotions. I have also been watching the first season of Carnivale. It is a really interesting show so far. The show follows a carnivale show and a preacher. There appears to be magic in this world, that may be related to God and the Devil. There is an air of mystery surrounding everyone, and the show does a good job of balancing giving the audience a bone and teasing of new mysteries.


  1. lauren9:42 PM

    any chance you could share the pattern that you constructed for the amy pond scarf? i have a pattern but it doesnt seem to work very well and i would love something else to try.

    1. I got the pattern on ravelry. Here is the link:

    2. lauren8:10 PM