Thursday, September 26, 2013

Labels: Blogging Tips

Photo by MichaelFitz
You might be noticing some changes to the blog.

First, I bought my domain name, so no more blogspot in my website address! I feel so fancy and professional now. It was much easier and cheaper than I thought it would be.

Second, I am fixing all my labels. This has been a painful task. I still need to get through 6/06 to 6/07. I had so many labels it was out of control. Instead of labeling each project in each post, I am just labeling the type of project (e.g., scarf and hat). This project would have been easier if Blogger wasn't being so difficult about labels. For some reason Blogger keeps adding labels to posts, so I can't change posts in bulk. All this accomplishes is that 50 random posts have the "scarf" label. Before you get worried that you will never find anything, I am also going to have a page with a list of all my completed projects and links. I know that this isn't a perfect solution; however, I couldn't stand having 20+ labels. I don't think they were useful anymore.

If you are starting a blog or have been blogging for just a brief period of time, I recommend thinking about the labels that you want to use. Pick a few and commit to using only them. This has been a major pain.

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