Monday, July 17, 2006

Update Monday!

Here are all the updates fit to print!

Amazing Lace
Twizzler is starting to get some love. I decided that since he is supposed to be the all-star project of the summer I should work on him a bit. I did a whole 1 and a half rows. I used to love him so much and he has suddenly become a burdern. He might make good road trip knitting, so I am holding out that I will finish him this year (maybe even before school starts, if I am highly motivated)!

Mystery Stole
To be honest, I haven't worked on it, since I had to frog the whole thing. I haven't had any serious sitting and knitting time, so he has just been chilling in the UFO bag.

Mason Dixon Knitting
You might have noticed that I joined the MD KAL. After starting two projects from the MD book in less than two weeks, I decided I might as well join in the fun of the KAL. The dish cloth is coming along nicely. I sit and do one pattern repeat at a time, so it isn't the fasted knitting but it makes me happy. I really like the pink and this crochet thread is soft! I am thinking I might even make the MD nightie in crochet thread! I definitely have enough pink to do it.

I also started (and am a third of the way through) the potholder loop rug from the book. I love this project. I don't have to worry about casting on or off with too little or too much yarn, because I can always add or take away loops. I also love the US 35 needles I am using for this guy. It knits up so fast. Every row is about an inch of rug goodness. If you are going to knit this rug though, I highly recommend getting circular needles. I wasn't thinking when I bought the straights and the rug got heavy fast. Other than that though, I love it! I decided not to pay attention to how I was connecting the loops, so sometimes I have long patches of whites or greens. I wanted randomness, but you could (if you were willing to buy LOTS of potholder loops) make a rug to match your house's color scheme.

Other Projects
Branching Out is on hold as are any other projects I may have. I guess I went on a buying needle frenzy and seem to be adding new projects faster than I can get them off the needles. :)

Summer Reading Challenge
I finished A Million Little Pieces on Saturday and picked Northanger Abbey up again. I was two-thirds through the book and stopped. Now, I am just 30 pages away and am actually curious to see what happens to Catherine. I am utterly amazed that this challenge has gotten me to read the books on my bookshelf! I wish there was a KAL (or BookAL I should say) for school reading.


Knitting Television:
Cowboy Bebop
Repo Man (there is a guy knitting in the movie!)
Magnum Force
Lone Star
American Splendor


  1. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Hi from Sheri N. at The Amazing Lace. I've just seen Mason Dixon Knitting and am making my first Ball Band Dishcloth in blue Sugar and Cream. It is so much fun. Hope you are enjoying The Amazing Lace. I am.

  2. Anonymous4:02 PM

    Everything looks great! The Amazing Lace is so pretty. And I like the Mason Dixon things. The potholder loop rug looks like fun!

  3. Anonymous6:17 AM

    I think your Twizzler looks really nice. Watching it grow is going to be interesting.
    The Mason Dixon knitting sounds like a lot of fun. I haven't seen the book, but from other people's knitting I have the impression that it is full of amazing projects.