Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Another FO!

The past two days haven't been devoted to knitting (gasp!), I am sad to say. I started reading Memoirs of a Geisha and haven't been able to concentrate on anything else. I had seen the movie and wasn't that impressed, but the book is fabulous and goes into detail about how and why geishas did certain things. As much as I have been enjoying the book, the dirty looks Twizzler has been giving me, has been making me slightly guilty.

I did complete my dishcloth though! (On the right, you can see the stitching close up!) When I bound the dishcloth off, I realized that I knit a really long rectangle instead of a squarish dishcloth. I promptly sewed up two sides and now it is a mitt! Now that I finished the four dishcloths, I need to finish up that turtle that has been sitting patiently waiting to be completed, so I can send him and the dishcloths on their merry way.

I am all excited about this Saturday. This is going to be my final stash enchancement trip before Florida. I am going to go to Boston and visit a couple of yarn stores and then go hang out in a museum or do the Freedom Trail. According to the weather report, it isn't supposed to rain on Saturday (the one day in a really long time) and I am keeping my fingers crossed, because I need to get outside!

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