Monday, June 12, 2006

Update Monday!

I have all sorts of updates for today!

Twizzler Shawl
Twizzler and I are living in perfect harmony. I ended up working on him a bit this weekend and now I am on the second repeat of pattern #1! I keep going back and forth about whether I should get another skein. I think I am just going to bite the bullet and do it. I know I should be living on the edge for the Amazing Lace and all, but working with two different dye lots is enough for me.

Other Projects
I finished the feather & fan scarf on Saturday. I used just one ball of Silky Wool for it. I love the fact that I can make a beautiful lacey scarf with just one ball of this stuff! Silky Wool has the perfect yardage. I still need to weave in the ends and block the scarf, but I am holding off. Yesterday was beautiful, but it wasn't hot enough inside my house so that the scarf would try in the near future. I might end up blocking this scarf in Florida if we don't get several hot days in a row here in Providence.

I didn't touch the dishcloth that I wanted to finish this weekend. Instead, I started on Knitty's Branching Out. I am having a hard time with the pattern (thank goodness Twizzler's been behaving), but I LOVE the way the pattern has been coming out. I am using Silky Wool in a dark blue-purple and the pattern is just coming out so lovely. Don't the "leaves" look like grapes? This is going to be a pain to block with all the holey parts, but I don't mind. This pattern just makes me so happy.

Summer Reading Challenge 2006
I thought I was going to finish The Woman in White this weekend. I have less than 150 pages to go; however, I just can't finish this book. At this point in time the only thing keeping me going is the knowledge that the book will be over in less than 150 pages. Hopefully I will finish this book and start something more fun soon. The book is interesting. The mystery is still mysterious with only 150 pages left. My problem is that I don't care enough about the hero (and his crew) to want them to "win." Oh well. No more Wilkie Collins for me.

Amazing Lace
Nominations for the best Challenge #1 are up. I didn't get nominated but my friend E was! See her entry here and vote for her here!


Knitting Television:
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  1. I love how Branching Out looks in the purple! Mine doesn't have the "leaf" look - I'm really hoping that blocking it helps.

  2. I have a bag of Silky Wool that's begging to be made into something, so I may just join you and do a Branching Out. ;)

  3. Btw, thanks for promoting my entry for AL challenge #1!