Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Finished Object!

So I thought I would start this post with something I seldom do, I am going to show you a FO! This is my Rose-of-Sharon hat from Magknits. I must say, I love this pattern, because it was easy to remember and quick to knit up. Heck, I will say it, "I love knitting hats!" Hats are so quick to knit and I love the fact that most patterns say something like "knit this pattern eight times and then start to decrease." Right from the beginning of the pattern, you are already counting down to the end. I love the immediate and obvious goal.

When I wasn't knitting, I was scouring Myopic Books in Wayland Square. Check out the knitting book finds! Altogether, I spent about $25. If I had bought them full price, they would have cost twice as much. I am really excited about the plant dye book. The author discusses planting your own garden specifically to grow dyes (well, plants with good dyeing ability). Once I get down to Florida, I am going to have to try my hand at dyeing my own yarn. I guess this desire is no surprise, I did love dyeing Easter eggs when I was little.

Not too much knitting to report, I have been exhausted when I come home from work and knitting lace has been a little too much for me. This weekend, I am planning on spending some uninterrupted knitting time over at Brown. I need to soak in as much New England weather I can get before I leave!


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  1. nice hat! by soaking up New England weather do you mean the sub-summer temperatures and little sprinklings of sunshine? ;)